Plumsteadville Family Practice,Pennsylvania-2157668844

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Plumsteadville Family Practice,5612 Easton Rd,Pennsylvania. Phone -2157668844

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  • 5612 Easton Rd
    Pennsylvania 18949
    United States
  • Phone: 2157668844
  • Fax: 2157660733


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 “BEWARE”, 07-21-2017 03:41PM

By: Jeff

“BEWARE” – If you desire responsible and professional treatment….absolutely any other provide would be a better choice in my opinion! My experience with this provider is truly unbelievable and unimaginable but it did happen....I was berated and screamed at by one of their Doctors in the waiting room (Dr Joseph Ferrara). I was also left for over two hours sitting in a patient service room as a retaliation for disagreeing with physician's assistant Brittany Rider-Gibson.

After waiting in the individual patient room for over thirty minutes (standard practice with them) Brittany Rider-Gibson (physician's assistant, not a Dr) measured a bull’s-eye rash on my shoulder then began to explain that I may not have Lyme’s, even though I had a textbook / classic Lyme’s bull's-eye rash that any Dr would have immediately recognized. I had Lyme’s once before, so I was very familiar with the additional symptoms of joint pain and severe fatigue, which I was also experiencing, and the importance of immediate treatment. I tried to discuss with Brittany that based on my previous experience with Lyme’s, I did not agree, and that I would like antibiotics ASAP. She then became argumentative and then suddenly stilted. She explain office procedure and said she would have to check with a Dr first. After that I waited in the patient room for almost two hours. Throughout my wait I asked several employees how much longer I would have to wait, I even spoke to another PA and asked her to look as my rash. At 5:10 pm I had to leave for an appointment. I notified the staff, then left.

I called their office the following morning and asked if I could hear back from Brittany, get treatment or come in to finalize a diagnoses. Several hours later Brittany called and asked me to come to the office. After checking in at the front desk, Dr Joseph Ferrara approached me in their waiting room and became louder and louder saying, “You were not nice yesterday, I want you to leave, never come back and I don’t care what happens to you”. I was so stunned that I did not understand the other comments that he made and when I tried to talk to him he turned his back and walked off.